Chad Ronning


Concrete Services

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With a career in construction and more specifically, concrete construction, that spans nearly 25 years, Chad has a broad base of experience.  During those years, he has worked in commercial, residential, and government contracting.  Some of Chad’s hands-on experience includes:

  • Concrete pavement and draining work

  • Remove and replace concrete (curb & gutters, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots)

  • Box culverts

  • Bridge work (decking and maintenance of expansion joints)

  • Foundations (slab on grades)

  • Flatwork of various kinds

  • Form paver (operator and finisher)

  • Slip form  (operator and finisher)

  • Culvert safety ends

  • Head walls

  • Inlet boxes


As Superintendent, Chad lays out sites; schedules and manages crews; orders concrete and supplies; and builds relationships with the crews, customers, vendors, and government inspection departments; and more...  He knows our business and is a valuable member of the management team at Lightfield Enterprises.