Keith Lightfield

Executive Vice President

Keith's professional experience covers areas of business operations, corporate finance, accounting, treasury, product and corporate development, strategic planning, and management on various levels.


Out of college, Keith worked for a number of years in a fortune 100 company, achieving high success at an early age.  At age 32, he was the Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary of a company with annual net profits in excess of $110 million.  He projected cash flows, reviewed and approved multimillion dollar net settlement transactions, monitored short-term investments, analyzed customers' financials for credit approval, and managed a portfolio of bank letters of credit in excess of $120 million.


Keith then moved his career to state government and successfully established a high-profile program that for many years, was considered a model program by the US EPA, Region VIII.  As Executive Director, he worked for a governor-appointed citizens' board, building a strong working team and establishing internal controls that ultimately allowed for payment of claims totaling more than $100 million.


Later, Keith was recruited by a regional engineering and consulting firm to open an office for them and manage its operations.  There, too, he established an entire infrastructure for a new line of business, built a team, developed the business, and managed the operations.  He has since been a partner in two small businesses and loves to combine his finance and accounting background with his operations experience in managing organizations.


Keith knows what it takes to balance revenues vs. expenses, make payroll, and grow a company. He's a member of various professional organizations and is an active member in the community.



  • MBA, emphasis in Energy Management, University of Denver

  • BS, Business Administration/Accounting, Black Hills State University (magna cum laude honors)

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