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Concrete – Lightfield Enterprises, Inc., formerly Vogel Concrete, is one of the leading concrete contractors in the Fort Collins area.  Well known to many general contractors in the area, we specialize in concrete demolition and replacement, as well as flatwork of various kinds (curb & gutters, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots).  In short, Lightfield Enterprises has earned a great reputation with the City of Fort Collins, contractors, and homeowners, alike.


Traffic Control – Lightfield Enterprises performs traffic control for all of our projects where it is needed.  We now offer that service to other contractors, municipalities, and governmental entities needing to outsource traffic control as part of their projects.  


Asphalt – Lightfield Enterprises performs pothole and asphalt pavement repairs and patching.  Soon, we will also be offering crack seal services.  This may be our newest division but we are not new to asphalt.  We have acquired a top-notch team with more than 30 years' experience.  You will receive the same award-winning attention to detail service you should expect to receive from Lightfield Enterprises.

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